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Philip Schubert lived the early part of his life in the Great Southern of Western Australia and moved with his family at a young age to sheep and cattle stations in the then un-developed Pilbara and Kimberley Regions of Western Australia. He returned to the Pilbara and Kimberley and worked as an airline pilot in the 70’s and 80’s. It was in the wide open spaces of the remote Western Australian outback that Philip grew up, was educated and worked, developing a great love of the outdoors and the natural environment around him.

From a very young age Philip displayed a highly creative and inquisitive nature always seeking out new experiences, environments and knowledge. At the age of 9 and prior to a family holiday to the Pilbara region in the North West of Western Australia in 1960 Philip purchased his first camera, a Baby Empire 126 film camera for 3 shillings and 6 pence (35c). When the first film was developed the results were very surprising from such a rudimentary camera and served to create in him a life long love affair with photography.

Throughout his life he has kept a continuous record of the environment around him through his photography and many of his earlier pictures now form a unique historical record are now showcased on a Flickr website and in the National library through the TROVE website. Philip was recently interviewed by ABC Radio about his unique photographic journey and this interview can be heard here

Philip has lived and worked in most regions in Western Australia from the cool forests and rugged coasts of the Albany regions, to sheep stations in sparse outback regions of the Murchison, Shark Bay and Gascoyne regions and as an airline pilot in the arid Pilbara and the ancient Kimberley. He loves travel and spends over 4 months each year in the field re-visiting almost every region in Western Australia. He has amassed a catalogue of over 50,000 landscape images of almost all the iconic tourist destinations in Western Australia.

In recent years though practice, hard work and dedication he has moved from taking pictures of his life’s events and travels to making and publishing images capturing his response to the unique outback Australian environment.

To obtain the very best images Philip will often make repeated visits to a location to truly capture and distil the emotional response of most people at an iconic destination and to express this response in his images. Some of these images appear in the galleries on this site and his works are now widely published in magazines, websites and journals.

Philip is a contributing photographer to highly acclaimed Australian Wildlife Magazine and one of his images has recently featured as the cover of the widely distributed Scoop Travel Magazine and well as internal feature articles.

He is a regular contributor and has successful profile with regular repeat sales of royalty free postcard images on the top 5 worldwide Microstock Photo Agencies. You can follow Philip on his Facebook Page to keep up to date with his busy lifestyle and see previews of current assignments and personal shoots.

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